Broken Skyline

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Note: This plot is intended for the Werewolf sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Werewolf and Wolf-Blooded characters.


A Claimed with electrical abilities is on a rampage.

Plot Details So Far

  • A man named Gerald Sutton, Jr., a Wall Street it-boy, has been Claimed by a high rank electrical spirit, and terrorizing New York.
  • He is apparently distraught to the point of being driven mad over having been "traded" by his ex-lover (Veronica) to the spirit that now Claims him.
  • He has an apartment at 666 5th Avenue, and a hideout at the Jumping Jack Pump House.
  • Veronica is a Bale Hound.

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IC Rumors

  • Fenton says: Totally disregarding HIPAA, Fenton Haywood has used his medical ties to uncover the following: Gerald Sutton, the mortal part of the Claimed the Urdaga fought on the roof of 666 5th, made most of his money in real estate. 666 5th belongs to a shell company that belongs to a corporation that Gerald is/was pretty high up in, Tabard Holdings. Gerald himself maintains a nebulous VP title.
    • Gerald's family hails from New York, immigrants with enough money to buy a corner shop early on, and Gerald Senior inherited the business, using business acumen to amass a small chain of stores, enough to pay the tuition fees to send Gerald himself to Wharton.
    • Gerald's Instagram account is the stuff of SNL parody when it comes to high-roller Wall Street prick snapshots; skiing at Vail, summery holidays at Richard Branson's private cay, Necker Island, nauseating views of the Autumn leaves in the Hamptons, painstakingly backlit shots of small glasses of limoncello in Lake Como.
    • All his social media accounts go pretty quiet as of a couple weeks ago, which likely depicts the process of being Ridden and, eventually, Claimed.
    • The only medical records Fenton is able to access show a skiing accident 7 years ago that result in a closed fracture of the femur with normal recovery (yes, Fenton says it in those words because he be like that).
  • Alice says: "Spirits of the Flatiron District of Manhattan in the Gurihal can't provide much currently, but we know it is of Ensah or stronger. He is weak to umbrellas, and he must touch anything that holds static."
  • Fenton says: Fenton has bit the Claimed and has tasted its, uh, goo-blood and is able to track the Claimed until the 13th of March.
  • Fenton says: Gerald, the Claimed, attacked a woman on the street, seeming at random. He has made contact with the woman herself and she is insistent that she had never seen the man in her life and had never even heard the name before. Officials are claiming she was tased, but her wounds she scarring suggesting that she was struck by high voltage - such as a lightning bolt. He says that he might be able to bring in anyone else that might want to talk to her, or potentially has access to Gifts, or a winning smile, that might be able to provide more information.
  • The photograph of Veronica - identifying, at least visually, who she is, confirming that the woman Gerald attacked looks just like her.
  • Gerald Sutton's mental state - All the signs of some histrionic and narcissistic, but real, emotional duress, which we also know came from a breakup with Veronica.
  • The fact that Veronica "traded" Gerald to the spirit that Claimed him - Whoa! Plot twist! What the shit?
  • Ian says: "Veronica showed up at the cafe and froze the room save for herself and then me. She took me outside and we talked briefly. She asked why I was showing people her photo, that Gerry had stalked her to the cafe as well which is why Rosalina was so quick to point out another man was looking for her. In any case she says she's not in town for much longer. She's a Bale Hound named Veronica Zaruto and she's deeply involved with serving a Maeljin and it's allies."

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