Briar Shelly

From Dark City

Briar Shelly
Briar Shelly.png
BirthdateOctober 16, 1932
ConceptEx Matriarch of the Shelly Legacy
Played ByOlivia Colman
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive NPC


A relic of a bygone era, Briar Shelly is a woman of impeccable taste, even if her house is crumbling around her. Wearing fine silks, laces, and pearls, all in various states of neglect. Her curly gray hair has turned to frizz and juts out at impossible angles making her look quite mad. She is a nasty woman with a vile temper and her patience is thin. Not an ounce of generosity could be squeezed from her.


There was almost a sigh of relief when Briar's direct hold over Jericho went slack, passing the line down to her daughter Marion. Though with Marion's untimely death and before Lisbet was old enough to take over, those who had their names in the Shelly ledger were holding their breaths. Some call her the Devil as there have been rumors of suicide over surmounting impossible debts. She has let women and children go hungry, and suggested abandoned coal mines be repurposed as pauper graves.

RP Hooks

There aren't many reasons to speak with Briar directly, most go through her less caustic, but still severe granddaughter Lisbet Shelly.