Brett Cleary

From Dark City

Brett Cleary
Brett Cleary.jpg
BirthdateJuly 5, 1997
ConceptPart of the Problem
StatusActive NPC


The Cleary Twins have been trouble since they could walk, it certainly didn’t help with the rearing they got. As they got older they found worse and worse trouble to be in. These days they are as likely to be spun out in their trailer as they are to be ripping the copper out of your walls. Meth is a hell of a drug kids.

Brett is never far from his sister, and lord help the person who thinks they are going to get the better of her.

RP Hooks

Wasted Potential: Brett had a lot of potential back in school, while he was a mediocre student at best it was his athletic potential that could have gotten him out of this hollar and maybe away from the drugs that ruined him.

A Loving Brother: His sister Vicki is five minutes younger than him, and he isn't going to let anyone mess with his baby sister. Given the circles they run in, his job as her protector keeps him pretty busy most days.

Party in the Trailer Park: If you aren't picky about the company you keep, there is pretty much always a party to be found around the Cleary Twin's trailer. Be careful though, they party harder than you and you might not walk away the same.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
This is Cleary a problem 2023-06-23 Angel Cleary, Rusty Murphy, Brett Cleary, Vicki Cleary The Cleary Twins start trouble, and Angel and Rusty give chase.
Cornering the Clearys 2023-06-30 Angel Cleary, Brett Cleary, Vicki Cleary The Cleary Twins get a dubious offer for help.