Bonny Bell

From Dark City

Bonny Bell
BirthdateAugust 15, 1587
SkintoneLightly Tan with Freckles
ConceptSlightly Mad Surgeon
Played ByAnna Friel
Player NameRaddish
StatusActive PC



Standing at an imposing six foot three, she commands attention with her long, curly red hair cascading down her shoulders in an unruly mane. Her bright green eyes shine with a keen intelligence, contrasting with her freckled skin that hints at a life spent under the harsh sun. Despite the slightly unkempt appearance of her hair, her pretty face remains striking, a blend of delicate features and a slightly off expression. Her legs are exceptionally long, giving her a graceful, almost predatory presence, even more so in her tattered but once-fine naval officer's garb, which clings to her form with an air of faded elegance and rugged practicality.


Standing over six feet tall, this eerie figure exudes a haunting presence. Her face is obscured by bandages from which a glowing green light emanates, casting an unsettling glow in the dim surroundings. Her long, curly red hair cascades wildly, adding to her otherworldly appearance. Each of her fingers is tipped with long, metallic nails, giving her hands a claw-like look. Her legs, below the knee, transform into elongated spider's legs made of quicksilver, shimmering and reflecting the faint light around her. Her attire is tattered, blending seamlessly with the shadows, and she appears both ethereal and menacing, a being caught between worlds.

RP Hooks

The Medical Theater

  • You enter the dimly lit, cluttered medical theater on the docks. Bonny is already elbow-deep in another patient’s treatment, her focus intense as she works with her razor-sharp tools. Do you need Bonny's surgical skills? Do you want to study under her?

Beach Bonfire

  • Bonny lounges on a woven blanket, a glass of whiskey in hand, her dress billowing in the evening breeze. Music plays, and the smell of food fills the air. Do you want to join Bonny for a drink? Do you have something you need to tell her? Do you need her help for something?

Dream Consultation

  • In a secluded corner of a smoky tavern, Bonny listens intently to the troubled sailor’s recounting of their nightmares, her eyes glowing eerily in the candlelight. Are you haunted by Nightmares? Do you have someone who needs a difficult nights sleep? Is there information you want to gleam from dreams?



Title Date Location Cast Summary
The Bounty Of The Sea 2024-07-15 Bonny Bell, Edwin Westly, Gideon Grey Bonny and Gideon manage to get Edwin to loosen up while Edwin tricks Bonny into thinking about economics