Blue Moon Grill

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Blue Moon Grill
Chronicle New York"New York" is not in the list (New York City, Jericho, London, Carnivale, Black Flag) of allowed values for the "Chronicle" property.
Room Type Business

Owned by Butch Mitchem, it is an known location for werewolves of the tribes of the moon to come and eat or just meet with others, the serving staff are wolfblooded and in the know, but discrettion is still required, regular people do come in to eat though the place can be closed for "Private Events" depending on the need or there is a private space set up for werewolves only where they can talk without concern. Despite its welcoming nature violence is frowned upon and swiftly ended by the owner.

There is a large dining area split by a half wall with one side giving access to a bar counter and the open view kitchen where you can see the cooking staff working on the food and most often that not the owner and head cook himself Butch, he's as memorable as the food.

Fetish - Lores Hearth: Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png A large custom made grill to accommodate cooking different classes of dishes, with stoves, the grill itself, oven, counter, etc. Any roll to cook food gets a +2 bonus, plus anything cooked using the grill can feed any werewolf up to PU 5, it doesn't do anything about their need to hunt, but they won't go hungry at the very least or miss out on some dishes due to feeding restrictions.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Solidarity in Hospitality
Small Talk at the Blue Moon Grill