Blue's Autobody

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That image you have in your mind of your dream car, let's make it a reality.


 Blue's Autobody is a custom garage. We cater to all forms of auto and motorcycle enthusiasts. We do custom engine upgrades, body work and have a graphic designer on staff who will help make your vehicle turn heads. We can do subtle striping, pearlescent two tones, or graphical designs to lets your ride reflect the rider. We also do custom engine tune ups and street legal modifications to let your vehicle rule the road. Our staff have been trained to listen to what you want and take your vision and make it reality.


 Blue's Autobody is an open two story building. The lower floor has 7 garage bays complete with tools, a vehicle paint room, and parking for roughly 5 cars. The shop is clean with a capital C. All the racks and equipment look like they are taken care of and cleaned on a regular basis. On various walls are mural paintings of various artwork with the main image being that of a blue bird. Each bay has a theme ranging from graffiti, realism, abstract, and so on. The main offices as well as a storage room are also downstairs but closed off to the public.

 The upstairs balcony of Blue's overlooks the various Vehicle bays. There are a variety of well maintained couches with TVs and assorted gaming systems. There are also some tables that are normally occupied by local CUNY students and trainees doing homework or working on graphic design. After school children start to show up whose parents are downstairs working. There is also free wifi.

Staff, Services and Amenities

Owner: Orianna Bruce aka 'Blue': Owner and Primary mechanic.
Graphic Designer
Comfortable waiting room
Clean Facilities
7 Vehicle bays with staff to support
Paint Shop and Spray Room
Body Kit Purchasing and Installation
Custom Engines
Small fleet of Tow Trucks servicing all of New York's buroughs.
Training relationship with CUNY Campus
Apprenticeships available

PC Staff

Jet Jenko - Part time Mechanic
Aksel Arkwright - Mechanic Apprentice

Blue's Autobody
Established: 2017
Location: Queens
Owner: Orianna Bruce

Borough Queens
Summary Autobody and Mechanic Garage
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