Bethlem Memorial Cemetery

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     Bethlem Memorial Cemetery.png
Bethlem Memorial Cemetery
Chronicle Jericho
Owner Lisbet Shelly
Room Type Business

Once a prominent location in Jericho, the small but formidable Bethlem Psychiatric Hospital located just outside city lines invited patients from varying counties and states. Owned by the Shelly family, it boasted country air to clear the mind, and a knowledgeable staff of 15 - doctors, nurses, cooks, and caretakers.

In 1924, the hospital itself burned to the ground. Records state the fire started in the basement but rumors passed down say it was the attic in flames first. Twenty-nine people died in the fire, including the entirety of the patients and the majority of staff. Since, the Shelly family has carried the dark shame of the tragedy on their shoulders.

Today, the grounds of Bethlem are merely the cemetery which continued on, serving the small town of Jericho’s needs as the population waxed and waned through good times and bad. In the center of the land, the hospital foundation remains, a large rectangular foundation, overgrown with grass and weeds. It’s said of course to be haunted, and townsfolk who dare come close to be terrified by every bump in the night. Popular among teenagers and even, for those who have nothing better to do in the area, a small tourist attraction.

The Shelly family continues to maintain the cemetery, passed down to the current matriarch Lisbet Shelly. A young but shrewd business woman who doesn’t care for nonsense and prefers her privacy. Her grandmother, Briar Shelly lives on the grounds just past it with Lisbet in the Shelly mansion, a dilapidated two story in need of extreme repair.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
A Grave Affair 2023-07-03 Bethlem Memorial Cemetery Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley Lucy and Henley meet Hasil at the cemetery for a fruitless hunt
Night Patrol - Bethlem Memorial Cemetery 2023-08-12 Bethlem Memorial Cemetery Colt Murphy, Eddie Jenkins, Jamie Murphy, Travis Martinez The Cell gets ambushed on patrol in the cemetery. Where did that thing take Colt?!
Dragged 2023-08-24 Bethlem Memorial Cemetery Colt Murphy Colt gets taken away by a Werewolf and has to fight to survive
Looking for Colt 2023-08-24 Bethlem Memorial Cemetery Travis Martinez, Eddie Jenkins, Jamie Murphy, Colt Murphy The Cell Searches for Colt