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The Bound

Ben is a humble looking man. You wouldn't normally look twice at him as he walks down the street--other than to wrinkle your nose at the often lingering smell of fish and saltwater. He's a big guy, stocky but clearly very strong. He wears clothes that favor efficiency over flair. His dark hair waxes between buzzed short and too-shaggy based on whether or not he's bothered to trim it in a few weeks. The gray in his hair and lines around his eyes show his age. He's usually grumpy and standoffish, but is the first to jump into trouble if he sees someone in need.

The Dead

He is a sickly thin figure, flesh and skin having long since turned green and blue from being underwater. Coral grows out from bright red and pink blisters, while its gums are black and rotted. Its diseased flesh has been gnawed and stripped away here and there. In fact, the inside of his torso is carved out and hollow, with the writhing and clacking of creatures who have made their home within: tiny worms, mollusks, crustaceans--bottom feeders of the ocean, constantly feasting on the remains of the corpse's insides, only adding to the entity's insatiable hunger.

The Aura

Any sick around him feel their health drained away even more. Fevers bring more dizziness and lethargy, and the ache of old wounds worsen. Food looses it's taste and seems duller, less appetizing. If he's around any water, then it turns darker, the bottom less visible--as if one step into a puddle might find you swallowed up into a hungry abyss.

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RP Hooks
Fishy Business (Anyone) - Do you hang out around piers? You might catch a glimpse of Ben coming or going from the commercial fishing boat he works on. He sometimes delivers fish to various markets around the city as well. He also spends a fair amount of time hanging out on recreational piers, fishing with a humble pole, or just enjoying the view.

Share Your Burdens (Anyone) - Ben can be found in dive bars, drinking away his own sorrows and on the look out for those who need someone to vent to. He's a surprisingly good listener, and not afraid of giving people a stern life lesson.

Bitter Legacy (Academics/History Nerds) - Does the name Bennet Harris sound familiar to you? It might be because Captain Bennet Harris was a pretty famous British naturalist and explorer from the 1800s, who was infamous due to his mysterious disappearance off of the coast of Brazil. About eight years ago his ship was found--apparently by his great-great-great grandson, also named Bennet Harris. All of the artifacts and remains of the ship were donated to museums and charities.

Ben Around The Block (Sin-Eaters) - Ben has been a Sin-Eater for coming close to a decade, most of which has been spent in the city. He mostly keeps to himself, but his name might have been thrown around some. Especially if the topic revolves around the Underworld. He's a competent explorer and navigator, and is willing to offer his services to those in need. He's also apparently very useful to have in a fight.

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Ben Harris/Contacts

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Got something to say? Spit it out then.
  • "Ben is good people. Sure, he always smells like fish, and sure he looks a little like grumpy cat, but Ben's the kind of person who's always got your back. He's like an oyster - hard on the outside, gross and fleshy on the inside, but with pearls of wisdom and kindness." - Wesley Lockwood

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Ben Harris


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AGE: 45
CONCEPT: Retired Marine Archeologist
BURDEN: Kindly
LIMINAL AURA: Anchor, 30 feet
GEIST: The Ravenous Scourge
RANK: Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Dread Geist
  • Reconciler

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Played By: Fofo