Below The Subway

From Dark City

  • ST'd by JJ

Note: This plot is intended for Crossover.


A strange monster is snatching people from subway cars and dragging them deeper below the city.

Plot Details So Far

  • Ruthie Romero and Sierra Roen saved Atirah Hatem from being taken by the monster.
  • Revel Black was taken by the monster and managed to escape.
  • At least one sewer tunnel has collapsed during the the hunt for this creature.
  • There are (3) Nodes of the blob in total - (1) so far has been destroyed.
  • The blob's main hub has been located around the Southhill Area of Queens near the water.
  • The Changelings have shared all knowledge they have with the Werewolves in hopes it will help defeat it.

IC Rumors


  • Sierra fought with the creature, and warned the Protectorate and local Forsaken packs about its nature, location, and hunting tactics.
  • Sierra and Fenton destroyed one of the creature's nodes, saving and sparing the life of the Seven Of Cups... and then taking him captive. Sierra took samples of it, along with bones of the deceased.


  • Revel Black and Oliver Jones are warning members of the Freehold to stay away from the Subway until it can be investigated safely.
  • Revel is said to have collected/edited an up-to-date map of the subway tunnels and has found a small group of Freehold volunteers to go explore sometime in the near future.
  • Jenny posts a report to the freehold, describing a vision of the creature's origin. She says "I saw a mad scientist in a trashed lab full of dead test animals. It looks like the 60s or 70s, and he's been cooped up down here a while. He's looking for something, and failing to find it instead jabs an ominous syringe into his neck. Horrible business really, darlings."
  • Ren confirmed through the Wyrd that the creature was indeed a mad science experiment gone wrong, and that the creature's weakness is fire or starvation. There is no supernatural compulsion motivating it; it operates purely on animal instinct.
  • Revel has discovered the monster uses its body as anchor points throughout the tunnels. It moves slowly, expanding pieces of itself until it catches prey. When it does - it releases and snaps back to its lair (wherever that may be). If they can find the lair, they will probably have more success cornering it when it has nowhere to run.
  • Aksel has managed to collect a substantial fragment of the creature, cut off from a pseudopod extrusion during it's escape. Currently sealed in multiple heavy duty jars, tests to follow.
  • Bernard reached out to Revel via phone, indicating that some 'others' were also dealing with the blob monster and had the manpower to help deal with it.
  • Revel was contacted by a David. An agreement to share all information that they (Changelings) had gathered was made in order to help these 'others' take down the blob.
  • Revel and Ren located the last of the blob nodes, gathered all known Changeling intel, and delivered the information via flashdrive at the designated location.

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