Beatrice Westbrook

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Beatrice Westbrook


The Mask
Pronouns:  She/Her
Real Age:  Unknown
Apparent Age:  27
Height:  5ft 9in
Weight:  116lbs
Build:  Scrawny
Concepts:  Devil on the Loose
 Guerrilla Saboteur
Public Effects:  Striking Looks: ••
 Mantle (Summer): ••
The Mien
Seeming:  Darkling
Kith:  Helldiver
Court:  Summer
Position:  Schwert
Motley:  None
Needle:  Madlass
Thread:  Duty
Cult:  None

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”
— Oscar Wilde


Broken, warped, and remade in far-flung hellscapes of Arcadia, her Mask is a vibrant collage of all things unorthodox; her face and body are adorned in glimmering piercings; much of her skin is covered in fanciful tattoos; and most outlandish of all, her tongue is long and cleft in twain, forked like the serpent of Eden's. Beatrice's hair is in a state of flux, both style and colour changing from one week to the next, or even from one day to the other, auburn or burgundy, raven black or strawberry blonde, bright hues of blue, or maybe violet, often mixing and matching according to her whims and moods. The colour of her eyes fluctuates in a similar manner, golden amber on one occasion, moss green or icy blue on another, and sometimes, taking on appearances merely for shock value: irises covered in an eerie, thin whitish film, or her eyes turning entirely black, emulating the parlour tricks of horror film make-up artists.

Cast from an infernal mould, her Mien reveals human features muddled with fiendish traits. A pair of large, black horns extends outwards from the top of her head, curving downwards and then forward before ending in narrow silver-plated tips. Several bony growths protrude along the base of her forehead, spaced roughly an inch or so apart, a diadem of short, sharp hooks that seems to grow out of her frontal bone. Beatrice's eyeballs are inky black and her eyes shimmer in deep crimson hues, devoid of emotion, or perhaps simply incapable of it—there is nothing vaguely human to her gaze, demonic and desolate, its light extinguished by the masters of Faerie. Her ears are pointed and just a little bit droopy, more impish than elven, and her nails are like claws, long and sinister and slightly curved.

Scents of sulphur, soot, and sun-baked asphalt linger around Beatrice, an Iron Spear Mantle wrapped tightly around her lissome form. Ephemeral burps of wrath leak from its fabric every now and then, releasing sudden pangs of anger that simmer and burn with the slow heat of a near-consumed pyre. It is a Mantle stitched from the hazy memories of some distant hell, a solemn promise of retribution, spurring stray thoughts of cheap payback and petty revenge to those in its proximity.

Roleplaying Hooks

Devil on the Shoulder

Beatrice has a habit of getting herself or others into trouble, encouraging behaviour that might not always be considered appropriate or acceptable. Come, let's dine and dash, let's climb the abandoned scaffolding, get into a fight, kiss a stranger, have another drink, let's shoplift something from the hardware store, run away from the police, live a little on the wild side. What is the worst that could happen? Come, hurry, let's find out! Let's do something bad!

Night of the Long Knives

The Freehold is under attack and Beatrice has picked up arms, sworn to the Iron Spear's cause. She aids the war effort in a covert capacity, performing reconnaissance both Ironside and in the Hedge, sabotaging enemy supplies, and striking at high value targets from the shadows. When no operations loom on the horizon, she hones herself and her capacity for sudden and uncompromising violence, exercising at local gyms or sparring with her fellow Summer Courtiers.

Strapped for Cash

Beatrice is currently unemployed, living week to week, barely scraping by while keeping that eviction notice at bay. It is a precarious situation, only momentarily alleviated by the odd job here and there. She is ever on the lookout for opportunities to earn a buck—the quicker and bigger the buck, the better. So far, her resume includes personal trainer, cashier, stripper, waitress, landscaper, and more. Hopefully it won't be too long before another occupation is added to the list. Know anyone that is hiring?


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