Baylor Grey

From Dark City

Baylor Grey
BirthdateJuly 5, 1979
HairBrown with Grey
OccupationFuneral Home Director
ConceptCrumbling Community Pillar
Local GroupsGrey Funeral Home, Bethlehem Memorial Cemetery, New Grace Southern Baptist
StatusActive PC


Dignified, masculine, but starting to show his age.


Baylor’s place in Jericho is as a rock - specifically, a keystone that is crumbling. He is the current patriarch, such as it is, of the once great and mighty Grey family, for which the county was named. He is the director for Grey Funeral Home, who have helped lay to rest the beloved dead of just about every family in the area. He is a serving member on the board of Grace Baptist Church. He is the father of two: his daughter, Elise, attends Emory College angling for her PhD, and his son, Wyatt, has finished trade school for water sanitation. Well educated, modestly successful, rational, fatherly, aggressively down-to-earth and the best his family could manage to produce in these hard times.

And his life is falling apart.

Already suffering from empty nest syndrome when both his children left the house, Baylor’s wife Zelda divorced him two months after they’d left, a few years ago. It caused him to be scandalized and broke his heart - she’d left him for at-the-time Luxidine’s VP of Marketing (8 years his junior and rather more handsome). Both of them moved out of town, and left Baylor to pick up the pieces. His children seem fairly sympathetic to Zelda on this one.

His mayoral campaign against Henry Jackson and the incumbent was an abortive one as a result. On a platform of skepticism and a rejection of the Luxidine corporation and tapping on well-trod ground of other small towns rejecting Wal-Mart and others, some around Jericho saw his run as a revenge gambit against the company for his failed marriage. As a result, he was utterly spanked, only managing to secure 9% of the vote. The most bitter voters (there were a couple) accused him of being a spoiler candidate.

Now, he’s struggling. He’s spending a lot more time at Grace Baptist trying to find that elusive grace. He looks 10 years older. He finds himself meddling more in the lives of the spiderweb-like network of familial connections and friends than he ever did, in an attempt to redeem his personal failures and reassert his personal vision of himself as a father and a pillar of the community. He has little other choice, in his own mind.


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