Barry Gill

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"Justice is not a legal matter, it's a human matter" - Abhijit Naskar, Operation Justice: To Make A Society That Needs No Law.

"Bugger. Does it still count if I'm not completely human?" - Barry Gill, internally, standing above a deadbeat dad.

Pro bono legal work is a wild ride, one day you have some mother of three trying to get their insignificant other to pay for the kids they brought into the world, and the next you've got a class-action against a restaurant for messing with their burger ingredients and making people sick.

Despite all that, I think I can hold on a bit better than most seeing as I've got the equivalent of super-powers. When some scumbag decides to money his way out of being culpable I can hunt him down and beat him into medical debt for the amount he should've paid. Dangerous to do, sure, but nothing beats the feeling of seeing the consequences of their actions come to back to bite them.

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RP Hooks
Persistent Infatuation: Broadway performers have a charm about them that is irresistible, and with it comes the weirdos to get too close for comfort. Restraining orders are one thing, but sometimes a harsher approach is required. Are you on the receiving end or are you lending a hand?

Free from Consequence: You chewed out a Karen for being a pest or a Ken for causing a scene. They think they've got a case against you and have sent a lawyer to take you for all they believe you are worth. Maybe this lawyer can be reasoned with, or isn't aware he's being deceived.

Outside Council: You've been feuding with one of your contemporaries and the solution isn't going to resolve itself. You've decided to find someone that can mediate and not run scared from the inhuman parties.

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Barry Gill
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Full Name: Barry S. Gill

Occupation: Lawyer (Legal Clinic)

Age: 30

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 210 pounds

Virtue: Protective

Vice: Vengeful

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Played By: Kunnin' Warboss