Bannerman Castle

From Dark City

Bannerman Castle Scottish immigrant Francis Bannerman achieved his American dream and made a mint collecting and selling army surplus goods (cannons, Civil War uniforms, etc.). After a major purchase following the Spanish-American Civil War, Bannerman had to find a larger space to set up shop. Luckily, he stumbled upon Pollepel Island on the Hudson River, a perfect place to erect a Scottish-style castle (as one does). Throughout the 20th century, the structure went through hell: a gunpowder explosion, ferryboat crash, and three-day fire. For normal people eyes, it is a run-down building on an island with no trespassing.

For the Lost, the Bannerman Castle Hollow it is their place to gather formally within the Freehold. Further away from NYC to avoid dangers. From Privateers and Loyalists. Every change of season they gather to pass on the reign. Also, many festivals and rituals are held in the Bannerman Castle Hollow.

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Borough Out of Town
Summary Gatherpoint for the Changelings of NYC
Sphere Changeling
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