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If I do what I do well, you'll lose your wallet and not know why.

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RP Hooks
Pickpocket: The girl steals what she can. It's not something people know. It's something people realize when they get home, or to their car, or when they have to pay something, or when they want to use their phone. Something is always missing.

Untouchable: The girl never leave a trace. If she's spotted, she'll outrun you. If she's caught, she'll get herself free. And until then, she doesn't go for big targets. No one is looking for her for long

I know a guy: The woman knows her way in the scene. She knows who buys what, who sells what. At the same time, if someone needs something stole, they'll know about Cage.

Wait Who?: The girl have a few names. People might hear about Mya Mitchell or Heidi Fisher but Bailey Cage rarely if ever comes up.

Who's Bailey?: A few people have heard her name in their head. Often after a strike of bad luck. This often leads to a lot of confusion. At least she rarely does it to people who know her name. Sometime mistakes happen.

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Bailey Cage

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Nickname: "Cage"

Pronouns: She/Her

Profession: "What?"

Age: 27

Virtue: Loyal

Vice: Greedy

Merits Luck flows up

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Played By: Kimmiecorpo