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Ayda is a young woman that appears to be in her twenties, with a slender and athletic physique and a natural tawny complexion. Her features are sharp and pleasant, and her magnetic green eyes make it hard to look away.

She dresses sharply and according to the circumstances, going from the everyday academic style to the haute couture of special events.

She speaks English well, but with a slow and emphatic tone that makes it clear she is not a native speaker, even if her accent is hard to place.

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RP Hooks

Cultures and Myths (Education, Academics, Occult)

Ayda is an anthropologist and part-time lecturer at the local Universities. She has a particular interest in ancient Mediterranean civilizations and is also known for discussing less than orthodox topics.

Kindred Anthropology (Kindred)

As a natural extension of her 'daily' profession, Ayda likes to study subcultures among the kindred as well. Clans and covenants, lore and rituals, bloodlines and cults, any information or firsthand experience would be of the greatest interest to her.

Cosmopolite (Academics, Everyone)

Because of her origins as well as her profession, Ayda accumulated extensive knowledge of languages, both modern and ancient. Be it for scholarly purposes, diplomacy, or a simple conversation, she can often find ways to put them to good use.

Twilight Dragon (Ordo Dracul)

Within her Covenant, Ayda focuses her efforts on the study of the Coils and would be interested to find likeminded Dragons for further research and experiments.

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  • Ayda gives evening lectures at the local Universities. She often stays around to talk to the students, both in public and in private.
  • Public and University libraries are a good place to find rare and unusual books, and also to meet people with similar interests.
  • Ayda is known for her expertise in many scholarly matters, and somebody in need of her advice could get her contact in the city's academic venues.


  • Ayda is an expert in her Clan's signature Discipline and can make people forget what they do not need to remember.
  • Ayda is a Twilight Dragon and studies Coils and Scales. She would gladly help other Dragons in their research if their purpose is worthy of her attention.

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Ayda Anwar
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Name: Ayda Anwar
Arabic: عايدة أنور
IPA: [ˈʕɑːjida anwar]

Apparent Age: Late 20s
Height: 5'10"

Profession: Anthropologist

Public Effects:
City Status 2 (Deputy)
Ordo Dracul Status 2
Education Status 1
Striking Looks 2 (Fascinating)
Fashion 3

Arabic, Italian (Native)
English, French (Fluent)
Spanish (Conversational)
Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient Egyptian (Academic)

Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Title: Twilight Dragon and Journeyman Adept of the Royal Curse

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