Aya Keng

From Dark City


Full Name: Aya Keng [Also know as Maya Sato among mortals]
Pronouns: She/Her
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Dryad
Age: 19
Height: 4'9
Mantle: Winter
Occupation: Florist
Public Effects: Mantle (Winter) 2, Striking Looks (Adorable) 2, Small Framed, Alternate Identity (Maya Sato) 2
Keeper: Cvellabecdael, Keeper of the Evergreen Gardens
Title: none
Motley: N/A
Useful Things: Tracker & Beats


  • Height: 4'9
  • Mask Eyes: brown
  • Mask Hair: Silver Purple
  • Mask Description:

Aya is a petite girl, of roughly 4'9, with silvery purple hair that she dresses up in 'cute' styles (Lolita is never out of the question). Her clothing style is rather casual, but always has some sort of youthful, popular fashion with it, and is typically paired with a skirt. Her features are soft, only further accented with just the right placement of color to bring attention to it. She lacks any visible tattooing or body modification, save the occasional pair of earrings.

  • Height: 4'9
  • Mein Eyes: Blue Black
  • Mein Hair: White
  • Mein Description:

Beneath her mask sits a fluffy, white moth with icy blue and red antennae that flutter ever so slightly in the wind. Her eyes grow in size and darken to a a deep blue that is just slightly lighter than her large, round pupils. A tiny mouth sits within an even rounder face, surrounded by neatly placed white hair, with long strands laying around her face, and the rest pulled up. She sports a luscious white 'scarf' though it's hard to tell if it's fabric, or her own wool. She has white, wooly arms, with three little hook fingers on each, and a fluffy white abdomen extending out.

Her wings are a translucent grey with darker grey markings.

  • Mantle:

The feel of Winter is subtle. There's the gentle, crisp smell of fresh snow, and the slightest touch of frost at the tips of her wings.

Florist: Aya is a florist (under the name Maya) at a greenhouse flower shop, Toadstool Flowers. She enjoys making arrangements for people in a variety of situations, but especially to help them through tough times.

Hospice Care: Aya volunteers in hospice; she spends time reading, or just talking to people who might be feeling lonely.

Womens' Independence: She's not intimidating in the slightest, but she can help people feel at ease. Having been forced into a variety of decisions she didn't want, she feels connected to the women who seek out reproductive health daily. So he takes time to work as an 'escort' at least to give support to those dealing with tough decisions.

Rising Idol: Prior to her Durance, Aya was a rising idol. Her fetch has since moved over seas and made a career into her late 20s and thirties, but she sometimes get comments on her uncanny similarity to the younger Aya Keng.