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From Dark City

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Avery Vogel


The Mask
Pronouns:  Any Pronouns
Real Age:  21
Apparent Age:  28
Height:  5ft 8in
Weight:  106lbs
Build:  Scrawny
Concepts:  Unwilling King
 A Shoulder to Cry On
Public Effects:  Striking Looks(Regal): ••
 Mantle (Winter): •••
 Common Sense
The Mien
Seeming:  Fairest
Kith:  Notary
Court:  Winter
Position:  None
Motley:  None
Needle:  Provider
Thread:  Hate
Cult:  None

“The Challenge of Leadership is to:
be Strong, but not Rude; be Kind but not Weak;
be Bold, but not Bully; be Thoughtful, but not Lazy;
be Humble, but not Timid; be Proud, but not Arrogant;
have Humor, but without Folly.”
— Jim Rohn


Their Mask shows a young person trying to make their way in the world. She is young, they are strong, but he is afraid. They give an air of almost nobility, someone that seems important, which is all the more strange when they try their best to stay out of the spotlight and in the corners of the room. Day to day, they seem to change little details about themselves, one day she brushes out her hair the right way and appears feminine, another he darkens his cheeks and appears masculine, and yet another its entirely impossible to tell what they are trying to be. A walking stick seems to be their constant companion, although they don't seem to have any trouble walking. Whatever notions you're trying to make about their appearance, you're probably wrong.

Their Mien is almost an entire flip of colors, where their Mask seems to brighten the room, the Mien almost seems to darken it. They have pale, almost bleached white skin, dark as midnight hair, and sharp features. On their shoulders sprawls a cloak of feathers, but they never seem to take it off, so is it truly just a cloak? Jewelry dangles from their neck, and a crown sits upon their brow. They carry a staff made of a dark twisted wood, and set at one end is a glowing crystal that almost seems to draw your eyes away from the Lost, and into your own sorrows.

Their Mantle is subtle, as are many from the Onyx Court. When viewing their Mask, you can't help but shudder for a second, a cold chill down your back. Even though you can't place why, you feel a pang of sadness, like remembering a friend you lost contact with years ago. When viewing their Mein, frost gathers on the cloak of feathers on their back, if you look closely, you can see symbols etched into the plumage, filled with a soft sheen of ice. Either way, their skin feels cold, even when in colder days, but they still seem healthy.

Roleplaying Hooks

Show Your True Colors

Avery is Genderfluid, and uses all pronouns. Some days she dresses more feminine, some days he dresses more masculine, other days it can be somewhere in between, they don't really care. Anyone is welcome to use whatever pronouns they want with them, as long as they mean it in a nice way.

A Powerful Gift

Avery is a Notary, and has some power over Pledges. They struggle to trick people, and would rather keep things fair. But if you need someone to oversee that a promise is upheld, and that it is fair to all parties involves, they are willing to be a mediator.

Conflicted Feelings

Avery seems confident, but almost distracted. They are quick to back out of conversations, and seem nervous around too many people. Perhaps it is a problem they had from their Durance, or perhaps its something more than that.

Regal Countenance

Avery has an air about them claims a needed perfection. Their posture is a bit too perfect, their movements have a practiced grace, and it seems like they are calculating every gesture. It might make them seem important, but isn't it rather annoying?


Gabriella Marina

Someone so close, yet it feels like so much has changed. I'll still follow you to hell and back, but can it ever really be the same?

Aksel Arkwright

Energetic, eager, helpful. Not quite sure what to make of him yet, but he seems kind. How someone can leave such a place and have so much energy I may never understand.

Beatrice Westbrook

Be careful, she seems dangerous, and highly capable, although who of us can say any different? Just make sure her fire is pointed at the enemy and never give her reason to turn it on you.

Ciara Thorne

A fire that burns brighter the darker it gets. She has a passion about her, one that she puts forth into everything, so I wish you a quick death if you get in her way.

Saoirse Hobfriend

A strange one, but if you sit and listen, she is very wise. Someone I should get to know better, but I feel I may never know everying.


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