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Aurora Voss

The Masquerade:

Pronouns:  She/Her
Real Age:  24
Apparent Age:  21
Height:  5'4"
Weight:  Unknown
Build:  Voluptuous
Concept:  Devil on your Shoulder
Profession:  Nightclub Manager
Public Effects:  Status City 1
 Status Lancea et Sanctum 1
 Status Business 1
 Fame 1
 Striking Looks 2

The Danse Macabre:

Clan:  Daeva
Bloodline:  N/A as of yet
Covenant:  Lancea et Sanctum
Position:  City Harpy
Mask:  Nurturer
Dirge:  Courtesan
  Mystery Cult:  N/A

“Fancy quote.”
— Famous Person


Description: Aurora stands five foot, four inches tall and is absolutely stunning to look at. Hazel eyes that sparkle like honey are framed through an angelic, picture perfect face with supple lips and smooth, gentle features. Gorgeous red hair that comes down to the just the small of her back, with a voluptuous and feminine silhouette that draws the eyes with every curve. She's a piece of art in human flesh, and she knows it. Her usual outfits consist of luxurious dresses and heels, with the occasional designer top and skirt. The woman rarely wears anything that didn't at least cost a good thousand dollars, or at least looks like it cost a grand. Often her outfits also tend to show off a good bit of skin too, though never anything that would be considered too risque(at least in public).

Personality: Aurora embodies the desires of mortals and Kindred alike in everything she does, or at least she tries to. Every word, every syllable she says has a flirtatious and sultry lilt to it, and she's utterly unapologetic about her lustful or sensuous demeanor. Though she does consider the word "slut" a compliment, she is more than just a fiend for man's carnal desires. She enjoys being that devil on your shoulder, feeding into one's darker impulses and getting them to admit things they would rarely reveal to a stranger. Acting as the confidant of all, she'll be the first to offer her shoulder for you to cry on, the first to offer a comforting hand or a soothing voice to listen to. She's obviously no saint, but she's not quite just a sinner, even if appearances say otherwise.

Roleplaying Hooks

RP Hook #1:

High Society: Aurora's a natural member of the elite in New York City. Born into a wealthy family, she's known to go to all the best parties, famous not just for her wealth and privileged status but also for her business skills. Most in her position would have been content to sit on the wealth they're family procured for them, but Aurora has currently established a thriving night club and seems in no hurry to settle down. If you've got connections to those in high society, odds are you've heard about her, and she's always happy to speak with those who are looking to make their way in the city.

RP Hook #2:

Devils Respite: The Devils Rose is one of the prominent up and coming nightclubs in the city, having only been established a few years prior. It's known to state itself as the Vegas of New York City, in the sense that what happens at Devils Respite, stays at Devils Respite. As such, all walks of life come to the Devils Respite, from the celebrities, city elite and high class politicians to those more involved in a criminal element. Anyone looking for a place to escape to for a night without worry come to the Respite, and it offers services and privacy that most other establishments couldn't. It's a great place to host a party, a private meeting, or even a murder.

RP Hook #3:

Apostle of Sin: Aurora fashions herself as not just sin-incarnate, but a missionary of what the modern day church believes to be sin itself. To those who have been rebuffed by the church of Christ simply for being, she offers them a safe haven and a place to rest their weary heads. If you're someone who's found themselves being pushed out of your home or community because you don't fit into what organized religion tells you that you -should- be, she offers her home to you and will be willing to try and assist you get back on your feet.

Harpy: As one of the Harpies within the court, Aurora is always willing to mingle with other Kindred. A social butterfly, she's never one to turn down a good conversation with another, and even enjoys learning about the other Kindred whom she shares a city with.

Voss Family Name: To the mortals, the name Voss means something. Her father owns a real estate business that was started long ago by his great-grandfather, and Voss Real Estate is considered to be a very large and affluent company in modern days. The Voss family has many ties and connections throughout the city, both to legitimate business ventures and those who operate outside of the legal bounds. Being a Voss herself, Aurora is most definitely someone that many mortals would be interested in meeting, especially if they're looking for a favor.


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