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"Would you yet know more?"

Völuspá 27

Suffice to say, the Mask of Augustus is a reflection of who he was before being taken for the Durance; youthful, possessed of dark brown hair and a thin, slight-seeming face with large brown eyes that convey a age-worn wisdom. Bedecking the face is a pair of glasses that only serve to enforce the demeanour espoused by the Autumn Darkling, having long surpassed the need for them a lifetime ago. However, the true form beneath this youthful mask is an old one, and as such, is beginning to seep through. Due to the influence of his Seeming and Mantle, sometimes there's a fiery glint in Augustus' eyes, with a similar sheen to his hair...all depending on how the light catches them. The teeth of the Mask seem to have an unusual length to the canines, which can easily be rationalised as peculiar tooth growth. When he speaks, there's a slight sibilant quality to his words regardless of what language he speaks.

Underneath that youthful, scholarly facade, Augustus' Mien is the culmination of his infernal Durance and the influence of Autumn's gilded embrace. In essence, the Darkling bears something of a resemblance to the Oni of Japanese folklore...except his physique is more elfen rather than brutish. His face bears a two pairs of prominent tusks and a pair of horns, the previous of which comes from a mouth with pointed teeth; looking out past the squatted nose and heavy eyebrows is a pair of incandescent eyes. Where once they blazed like the fires of Xekanius' Abyssal realm, the calming influence of Autumn has caused them to ease to a gentle flicker like the light of a pumpkin's candles. That same influence has caused Augustus' once dark skin to became as grey as a bonfire's ashes, but still the infernal script that had been branded into his skin lingers, flickering like his eyes and ever shifting as notes past and present present themselves every hour or so. In the place of normal hair, torrents of black smoke billow from Augustus' head from which what looks like the kindling of a bonfire seems to waft within a ethereal breeze bound to the smoke.

Being deeply entwined with the Mantle of Autumn, it presents itself around Augustus as follows; an Autumnal breeze always seems to manifest itself when someone gets close to him, as well as the faint sound of wind-strewn leaves. Furthermore, the Autumn Darkling seems to present two scents depending on his mental state; when positive, he smells of pumpkin spice...but when negative, he smells of burning leaves.

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RP Hooks
Drinking of the Well of Mimir

Ever a seeker of knowledge, both arcane and mundane, Augustus is the kind of Librarian who is very hands-on in his acquisition of knowledge. Whether it is an old copy of Marlowe's Faustus in an auction house or a talking tome of Hobgoblin Weddings deep withinthe Hedge, he will do what he can to acquire it. Of course, that's the tip of the iceberg, for The Darkling likes to compile his own findings, thus creating new books of his own. On the other hand, Augustus enjoys sharing and collaborating with others when it comes to his pursuits...out of both duty to the Freehold and a nostalgia for his human years.

Secrets of the Past
Like any Changeling with such knowledge, Augustus cannot help but think about his Fetch; due to how long ago his Durance began, and his return to the mortal realm in the 1930s, so much had changed. What did the other Augustus do in those years after doing something the real Augustus would never have done willingly. As such, the Autumn Darkling is willing to work with others to seek out this old mystery. On the other hand, it could very well be a bonding point with others with similar situations pertaining to their Fetches.

The Archdevil's Brood
For all Changelings who escaped, Arcadia was hell...for Changelings locked within the chains of Xekanius, it very much fit the mortal idea of hell. As such, Augustus wishes too reach out to other Lost who too were once ensard with the honeyed words of the Archdevil and forced to toil within his infernal kingdom. Who knows what may flower between those who share a Keeper.

The Banished Heart
Even in during his years as a mortal outcast, the Darkling Librarian had his devoted core of friends; however, his Durance had stripped him of that joy. In the Abyss, he was parted from his friends and, due to the nature of the place, could not forge any new ones for fear of betrayal and him losing them to the dangers of the Archfiend's realm. Even after breaking free, he had never stopped to make friends...and now, ever since he had settled in New York back in 1985, that has changed. Whilst he has reunited with the ghost of his long dead cousin, even he knows that Irwin is but a potent echo of who he was in life; as such, more lively connections are attempt to regain that long lost connection he had over a lifetime ago.

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Augustus Redleaf

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Apparent Age: 21

True Age: 144

Concept: Autumnal Librarian

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Antiquarian

Court: Autumn Court

Motley: None

Keeper: Xekanius, Archdevil of the Abyss

Public Effects:

  • Mantle: Autumn Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Diviner: Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png

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Played By: SanguinePrince