From Dark City



Lady Augusta
the Speaker

The Masquerade:
Aliases:  Stephanie Jackson
 Bianca Álvarez
 Juliette Cadieux
Pronouns:  She/Her
Real Age:  177
Apparent Age:  25
Height:  5ft 11in
Weight:  135lbs
Occupations:  Inheritance Beneficiary
 Diversified Investing
Public Effects:  Status (City): •
 Status (Invictus): ••
 Status (Arts, Media, & Society): ••
 Status (Business): •
 Striking Looks: ••
The Danse Macabre:
Clan:  Gangrel
Bloodline:  None
Covenant:  Invictus
Position:  None
Coterie:  None
Mask:  Perfectionist
Dirge:  Authoritarian
  Mystery Cult:  None
Player:  Cinn

“Whosoever desires constant success must change
his conduct with the times.”

— Niccolò Machiavelli


New York is merely the latest stage of a Requiem that has seen the turn of two centuries, old blood from the Old World, and further back, from the Ancient World, alive, or.. hrm.. undead and thriving in the modern nights. Augusta is a political animal through and through, eschewing sentimentality for pragmatism, keenly aware of the demands of tradition as well as the need for innovation.

The Gangrel takes great effort to never appear out of place in all that she does; she speaks with no discernible accent, except when she does, when it suits her needs, suddenly intoning a southern drawl, or a Berliner cadence, regional Spanish dialects, or French the way that Italians speak it; her wardrobe is a diverse conglomerate of materials and styles, carefully procured to let her attend gala dinners and dive bars with equal ease, always blending in, a wolf with all of the sheep's clothings; and she makes effortless small talk about Ptolemaic pharaohs, Kardashian gossip, or midterm elections, a good listener and an even better observer, mindful of manner, topic, and tone in a way that is emblematic of the First Estate.

Despite all the veneers of a social chameleon, she is a creature of opposing forces and stark contrasts, youthful and aged, beauty snared in barbs, she is the immalleable status quo and the inescapable change on the horizon, but never ever destitute, never feeble, nor meek, nor powerless.

Roleplaying Hooks

The Socialite Savage (Media, Arts, & Society):

A woman with a certain taste for the finer things in life, Augusta prowls upper echelons of society for the many benefits such company garners: she rubs shoulders with the famous and wealthy at galas, cultural events, fundraisers, and private parties. Are you an important figure in the social nightlife of New York? Let's meet up. Who knows? Maybe a fruitful relationship will come out of it — if you scratch her back, she will scratch yours.

Speaker of the First Estate (Kindred):

As a Speaker, it is part of Augusta's duties to ensure that relations between the Invictus and the other covenants remain cordial, insofar that relations can remain cordial in the Danse Macabre. She takes these duties seriously, socializing with Kindred no matter their affiliation. In the best of worlds, any grievances, either with individual members of the Invictus or the covenant itself, can be resolved in a civilized manner.

Keeper of Hounds and Other Beasts (anyone):

Ever since her mortal days, Augusta has taken a great interest in animal husbandry. She is the proud owner of esteemed stables, kennels, and mews; horses, dogs, and birds alike are bred with the express purpose of hunting. Though stag- and fox hunting are of particular interest to her, she regularly goes riding just for the enjoyment of it, and she is oft seen walking her trio of bloodhounds: Atalanta, Jasper, and Maeve.

Interest On Interest On Interest (Business):

Over a century of consistent investment has offered impressive yields, and now, Augusta has more wealth than the general public would deem conscionable. Though her affairs across the Atlantic are more well-developed, her name is starting to gain some recognizability even here in the offices of Wall Street. Perhaps more importantly, she has friends that has friends that has friends: sometimes, knowing the right people pays dividends too.


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