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Ash's first change came suddenly and violently, when their friend was stabbed in a mugging. Ash killed the mugger and ran away in a panic. They ran and ran, and didn't stop. Questioning who they were, they decided not to return to their parents and family, leaving behind any ties to home. In the years of running from place to place, they learned the basics of the laws and oaths that wolves must follow, but they did not join any packs or tribes, sometimes by choice, sometimes because of circumstance.

PERSONALITY Ash can often be seen either reading and sticking their nose into other peoples buisness Ash is unable to restrain their curiosity. At times awkward in social situations, they're nonetheless a generally amicable person. Travel has also taught them that injustice to one being, is injustice to all, so any chance they get to right a wrong, they're gonna take it. On the other hand, their time on the run has also taught them that ghost wolves need to live by the law of survival of the fittest, so when Ash feels threatened, they can become quite self-centered.

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RP Hooks
-Ash often visits the New York Public Library, both to read and for the locus in one of the spare rooms.

-Ash actively seeks out what they perceive as injustice and seek to right any wrongs. Violently, if necessary.

-Ash sometimes does odd jobs they get at the Death & Company Bar.

-Ash wants to learn as much about spirits and Hisil as possible.

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Ash Freimuth
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Full Name: Ash Freimuth

Pronouns: They/Them

Blood/Bone: Relentless/Sleuth


Glory (•)

Honor (••)

Purity (••)

Primal Urge (••)

Occupation: Tutor

Auspice: Elodoth

Tribe: Ghost Wolves

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Played By: User:Cryingonion