Ash Faraday

From Dark City

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Ash Faraday
Apparent Age:
Early 20s
Autumn (Goodwill 2)

Ash stands a couple inches over five feet, definitely on the shorter side of things. She has long bright red hair that falls past her shoulders -- mostly worn down but occasionally up in a ponytail when she's in research mode. She tends to dress casually, doing her best to not draw attention to herself.

Although one wouldn't exactly call her meek, she is on the shyer and more introverted side. In spite of her quiet nature, she's a rather curious individual and always eager to learn more and even try something new.

Roleplay Hooks

Fae-Touched: Touched by the Hedge but not fully taken into Arcadia, Ash is one of the Fae-Touched. She's mostly stuck around Autumn courtiers until recently. Need help with something? She's more than happy to help!
Occult: So very, very interested in all things occult. Want to teach her more? Learn what she knows? Just talk about anything strange and unusual?
Courier:Everybody needs something to pay the bills. And it makes a great excuse to be anywhere in the city. Changelings and fellow Fae-Touched get a discount for her services.