Arthur Wayland

From Dark City


Arthur Wayland

The Masquerade:

Pronouns:  He/Him
Real Age:  A bit over 200
Apparent Age:  26
Height:  6'2" / 184 cm
Weight:  80kgs
Build:  Solid
Concept:  Invictus Duelist
Profession:  Invictus Duelist, Nightclub Owner
Public Effects:  Status Bussiness 1
 Status Invictus 1
 Blood Potency 3
 Striking Looks 2

The Danse Macabre:

Clan:  Ventrue
Bloodline:  Unknown
Covenant:  Invictus
Title:  Lord Arthur Wayland, Solider
Coterie:  None
Mask:  Guru
Dirge:  Not public knowledge
  Mystery Cult:  None

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
— Sun-Tzu


Rumour has it amongst the Invictus that Arthur used to be a pirate. Who knows if that's true? What is known is that he's a pretty good swordsman, he has lessons on offer, and he's known to step up to most fights when the Invictus have need. Otherwise he tends to spend his time at his club. His choice of attire ranges from impeccably well dressed in a suit down to wearing just a pair of jeans.

Roleplaying Hooks

Weaponry Classes (Vampire):

Arthur is providing a basic how to class for use of weaponry, open to any Vampire who has an interest provided they are announced and in Mabs good books.

City Armourer (Vampire):

Rumour has it that this Invictus brought -a lot- of weapons with him, if you need a weapon it might be best to make contact. Once again, this service is only available to those in the good books of Mab.

Fetish Club "Penance" (All):

Arthur runs "Penance" a nightclub, dedicated to safe practise of BDSM and has several rooms (and viewing areas) to help facilitate certain acts in relative safety. The fact that some of his meals are happy to be tied up and left immobile in an entirely sound proof area for half an hour at a time is purely coincidental. He's also known for running a website dedicated to such activites, which receives updates on an irregular basis.


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