Arlene Kinsey

From Dark City

Arlene Kinsey aka ~Espy~
BirthdateJanuary 3, 2004
HairBleach Blonde
OccupationDrug Dealer/Clerk at Circle K
ConceptLocal Filth
Played BySophie Thatcher
Player NameJJ
OrderSilver Ladder
StatusInactive PC




Apathetic smokey rimmed eyes stare out over the city of Jericho with disdain. This petite young woman is nothing more than a smear of filth that is Jericho's rural landscape. Overlooked, ignored, and avoided. Wearing dark hand me downs and old boots, bleached blonde hair, yesterday's makeup and chipped black nails. She smells of cigarettes and the Slurpee machine at the Circle K.

Carly Voss, aka Espy

Carly Voss.jpg

A quiet and near silent young woman with a resolved focus. Some may find her lack of personality just that, but others will see she's never not working. Gathering information on those around her like a sponge. Intensely private, without personal bias, she works well alone but has no issue taking order. She doesn't flounder in social situations or show fear when put to the test. Whomever carved this girl did so out of stone.

Public Effects

Occultation •••
Closed Book ••••



The collective sigh upon the community. Recently turned 20, the highschool dropout works at the local Circle K gas station where she delivers $20 on pump 3 with a blasé indifference.

She’s been raised by the Kinsley family, an older sister Mabel who left the moment she could and three younger brothers, Teddy, Pete, and John Jr., who are equally outcasted as the trash of Grey County. Untrustworthy, suspicious, and often blamed for unfortunate events, Arlene does little to stand up for her reputation. Most accusations are met with “Whatever” or “Maybe”, if not just a cold-hearted glare.

What she is good at is dealing drugs, of which she has a steady flow of customers - some her accusers, others her peers. While she makes decent money from it, she’s still squatting in poverty with nothing to show for it.


A young up and coming infiltrator/impersonator/espionage artist within the Silver Ladder, coming from a family of blue bloods a long way back. It's without a doubt that she got this assignment based on nepotism and the favors of her family being pulled throughout the Pentacle. Rumors say this is her 'sink or swim' moment. Her family happy to watch her drown if she isn't capable of delivering on her training. Given this fact, she is here to prove herself and with the significant importance of the assignment she's unlikely to be at ease.

RP Hooks

  • DRUGS: We got drugs! It's no secret she's a dealer, though catching her with the goods is almost impossible. Snitches get stitches.
  • KINSEY: The Kinseys are the source of family drama. Someone stole this, someone beat that person, someone made a scene, so forth and so forth. Not Arlene. She doesn't know those people and is rarely caught in the same room.
  • ANY OTHER NAME Espy is her shadow name, a Silver Ladder overachieving Impersonator who is Hell bent on proving to her family she's more than capable of handling herself.


  • Henley - The brains of the operation.
  • Clem Barton - A friend with no judgement.
  • Jamie Murphy - Arlene's back alley medic and safe place when the world is too dark.
  • Rusty Murphy - Hardly a thing passes unnoticed in this town. Once or twice people have witnessed these two talking at the back door of the bar where Rusty slings liquor.
  • Travis Martinez - Fellow trash. Like attracts like. It is what it is.
  • Deputy Cleary - Natural enemies. One will break first.

Help Me Earn Beats

  • Short Term: Survive Mountains Rest
  • Short Term: Go on an official 'date'.
  • Short Term: Successfully deliver ??? to Jamie and Rusty.