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“Language is the most massive and inclusive art we know, a mountainous and anonymous work of unconscious generations." - Edward Sapir

Ariadna is a polyglot that grew up travelling with her family for the State Department. She had a successful early career as a government contractor but moved to the private sector three years ago. Starek Translation Services is her Manhattan based firm that offers professional translation for written and spoken Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish. Ariadna's also got experience with Farsi, Hebrew, Ukranian, Polish, Italian, French, Proto-Norse, Swedish, Danish, and Sindarin.

While she works hard, Ariadna also likes to play hard. She gets her hands dirty in hobbyist level art classes, community theater, and even fixing up her own car and home remodelling when she has the time. The act of creation (or deconstruction!) is important to her, as is getting to really know and connect with those around her.

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  • Rakesh Baig, BFF & Former Colleague, Victim of 'Bad Movie Night'

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RP Hooks

Polyglot - Need help communicating? Or researching something in a foreign language? Ariadna can help out! Maybe you know a language that she doesn't? She'd be eager to learn from you.

Arts and Crafts - Are you an artist or craftsman of some sort? Ariadna is an avid amateur hobbyist and patron of the professionals. She loves to get involved in all sorts of crafty projects and is rather proud of the fact that she's mechanically inclined and can change a tire as easily as follow along with a Bob Ross painting tutorial.

Curious Cat - Ariadna is curious and obsessive, and tends to live by an unspoken principle that suboptimal decisions can sometimes produce the most interesting results. She loves humanity and getting to know everyone that crosses her path, the weirder the better. She loves learning about new things, exploring new places, and seeing new sights.

Taphouse Regular - Though it's a bit out of her way, Ariadna regularly makes the trek out to Queens to visit the TAPhouse and socialize with other academics and professionals.

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Ariadna's Cat, (Cata)Mari

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Ariadna has dark blonde hair a bit longer than shoulder length, cheekbones to die for, and pale blue-grey eyes. She's only 5'4", and completely physically unintimidating.

Business Ariadna: When she's in work mode, Ariadna a consumate professional. She dresses tastefully and her makeup and hair are impeccably done but not intended to stand out or make any sort of statement that could distract from helping her clients communicate effectively.

Fun Ariadna: In her time off, Ariadna is much more outgoing. She enjoys dressing to impress though if she gets caught up in some sort of project it's entirely likely that her designer jeans and brightly colored tops will acquire paint, grease, or ink stains.

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Ariadna Starek

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Full Name: Ariadna Starek
Age: 34
Height: 5'4"
Occupation: Starek Translation Services: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
Public Effects: Striking Looks 2 (Competent), Resources 4, Sympathetic, Polyglot
MCI: House of the Third Ajar Portal
Useful Things: Tracker

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Played By: Legume