Approved Custom Tactics

From Dark City

Malicious Research (5 dots)

The wise hunter knows everything about their prey. The wise hunter researches in packs. Poring over tomes and canvassing for information, the pack gathers what it can to prepare them for the Hunt.

Themes: Research, Knowledge,

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult/Academics/Computer/Socialize, depending on the Prey. This roll may suffer penalties based on obscurity.

Success: The pack gains the Informed Condition regarding their Prey. The pack members individually may Resolve this Condition to grant themselves or another character in a current scene with them Advanced Action on a roll either defending against an action of their Prey, or to attack their Prey.

Exceptional Success: The pack may grant the benefit of Resolving the Condition as above without Resolving the Condition. The Informed Condition may not grant Advanced Action again.