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Anya is a 26-year old ghoul working under the purview of Julia Raymonde, her regnant, who took her under her wing a few years back. She moved to New York some 8 years ago from Russia after obtaining a scholarship for the New York University. She dropped out in her fourth year, finding the atmosphere too stressful and rigid to consider continuing. She has since found work in the cybersecurity space, though more often than not on the not-so-legal end of that spectrum.

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RP Hooks
Distaste for authority: Anya has run afoul of the law many, many times. She has managed to stay out of reach of police custody so far, but how long will that last?

The Past is Best Forgotten: Anya wants to put as much distance between her and her wealthy family back in Russia as possible. Ever since she cut off all contact with them, they have sent people out to look for her. Will her past eventually catch up with her?

Never Heard of Him: One of the many reasons that Anya got away from her family was to finally be able to be who she truly is. She has since changed her legal name and identity, and refuses to even acknowledge her former self. While it's unlikely to come up, who knows? Maybe someone from her past wants to drag her back into it.

For the Movement: Anya has since become a sort of operative for her regnant, one that's expected to sabotage the Invictus and their allies while staying under the radar. While she's managed to walk that tightrope so far, it's only a matter of time before this comes back to bite her ass.

Desperate to Please: Having lacked affection and care from her family and having had few friends, she seeks the approval of her regnant. She's willing to do a lot to get it.

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Anya Andreyeva
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AGE: 26

Height: 170cm (5'7)

Concept: Down with the Prince, Hail the Regnant

Notable Merits:

- Alternate Identity (3 dots): Jane Richards

- Anonymous (3 dots)

- Double-Jointed

- Parkour (5 dots)

Clan of Regnant: Daeva

Covenant of Regnant: The Carthian Movement

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Played By: User:LR