Anna Raines

From Dark City

Anna Raines
AgeLate 20's
OccupationDomestic Violence Advocate
BurdenThe Vengeful
StatusActive NPC


Geist.png Truth Never Damages a Cause that is Just.


Anna is a charismatic advocate for those in need. She's talks loudly, directly, and holds eye contact with those she's speaking to. She's often in a hurry when not working, though those who need a minute have her undivided attention.

The Axeman When her Geist chooses to manifest, he is nothing like the Sin-Eater he is Bound to. An old man in a raggedy jacket, with cracked callous hands and watery eyes. He carries an axe at his side giving off the morbid visage of a serial killer.

RP Hooks

  • Advocate - New to being dead? Need resources? Anna is the woman to go to. She's more than happy to introduce others, find people jobs, places to stay, plasm to eat. This of course all comes at a cost: You pay it forward. Should Anna find out those who she helped have turned on others, she'll be coming for you quickly.
  • Aid - As a Domestic Violence Survivor herself, Anna now works among the living and the Dead to work through these issues. Is that person who abused you still around? Here's her cell phone number: use it.
  • Computers - When she's not working directly with people, Anna is usually on the phone, on her laptop, has a tv going, has music playing. She's addicted to technology. In all places where technology is abundant, Anna usually frequents.
  • Are you LGBTQ+ ? - Though Anna's never confirmed her preferences herself, she does tend to lend a softer shoulder for those within the community. Her pronouns are whatever anyone else feels comfortable with, so long as it all comes from a place of respect.



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