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Dry humor and playful sarcasm mixed with an otherworldly awareness of her surroundings all play together to make Anita someone interesting to meet. Those in the know might recognize some of the tattoos as occult symbols, and then move on to the fact that her long, slender fingers seem to have one more joint, and then notice the way her eyes reflect light when you catch them at just the right angle.

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RP Hooks
TATTOO ARTIST: Always artistic as a child, Anita fell in love with tattoos and knew that was the path for her. She learned from some of the best, specializing in large, intricate pieces, watercolors, and 3d pieces that fool the eye.

RITEMASTER: While only a Wolf Blood, she has been trained in several rites, which she uses as needed to protect her friends and family in the city

BRUJA: Initiated by her grandmother at 15, Anita is a Bruja, and some in the local community come to her when they need healing, divination, or guidance. The young Bruja uses a mixture of dance, music, and psychadelic drugs to communicate and deal with Spiritist entities, Santería orishas, and the recently deceased...for a price. Her scale is wildly chaotic, accepting everything from a jar of honey from a local beekeeper to hundreds of dollars from the executive with a secret.

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Anita Santiago

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AGE: 26
CONCEPT: Bruja Artist
  • Second Skin
  • Clever Fingers
  • Piercing Eyes

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Played By: User:RedneckHipster