Angelina Szarka

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Angelina SzarkaHooks

It's hard to place that accent,but it's definitely there, behind the carefully spoken English. Her dark eyes light up when discussing puzzles, mathematics, history and especially SCIENCE - the dearest love of her height. Dark hair is generally combed straight and tied back into a ponytail - so much easier to keep out of the way of Things. Her clothing is high quality and speaks subtlely of wealth. She is frequently found either running to or from an appointment, or simply with her nose buried in a book. The Subway is her favorite way to travel.

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RP Hooks
Citizen of the World: Angelina doesn't hide the fact that she's not from New York, here for a little over a year in Graduate school, but nevertheless - she has travelled. She loves the places she has visited, and speaks of them longingly and often.

What did they say? She has a knack for languages. If she can't understand it, she'll listen until she does. She picks them up incredibly fast.

Professional Student: Angelina is getting her doctorate at Columbia University. She's got quite the University rap sheet before that. Eventually, she will graduate from Ms. to Dr.

One True Love: Not men, not women, not cats - alright maybe cats - but definitely the ability to get repeatable results out of a process and then empirically analyze the data. Angelina loves SCIENCE!

Things that go Bump in the Night: It is interesting, her love and desire to learn more of the Occult. Perhaps she sees it as just another SCIENCE to master.

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Angelina Szarka

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AGE: 27
CONCEPT: Professional Student

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Played By: Oscillowitz