Angelica Soto

From Dark City
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The niece of Lucas Soto, Angelica has been making a name for herself within the Genovese Family ever since she turned 18. The owner of The Gold Room in Manhattan and an upcoming bar in Brooklyn called The Haunt.
RP Hooks
  • Secrets - Unique in today's Mafia, the family has benefited greatly from members following "Omertà," a code of conduct emphasizing secrecy and non-cooperation with law enforcement and the justice system. While many mobsters from across the country have testified against their crime families since the 1980s, the Genovese family has had only eight members turn state's evidence in its history.
  • Connections - Angelica is well known and perhaps even adored among criminal circles, having grown up in the life. She's well protected but fierce in her own right. Perhaps you're friends with the budding entrpreneur?
  • Charity - Despite a life of crime, Angelica does right by her community, giving a part of all her proceeds back to low-income families. Are you benefitting from Genovese generosity?
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Angelica Soto(NPC)
Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Occupation: Club Owner (GoldBar & The Haunt) and Information Dealer for the Genovese Family
Public Effects: Criminal Status 2 (Genovese Family), Striking Looks 2, Business Status 2 (Night Clubs)

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