Angel Cleary

From Dark City

Angel Cleary
BirthdateMarch 23, 1985
Height6ft 5
OccupationActing Sheriff
ConceptTrapped Chasing Glory Days
Played ByLee Pace
Local GroupsSheriff's Office
StatusActive PC


Angel Cleary has brown hair, hazel eyes, and constant scruffy facial hair.

Public Effects: Status (Locals) 3, Sympathetic


Deputy Angel Cleary had a very promising childhood and teenage years... and it kind of plateaued after graduation. Instead of going to higher education, he joined the Sheriff's Office, assuming old Horne wasn't going to be around for much longer. He was wrong. For a long time. But still, the job gives him a sense of importance and status, letting him hold on to a little fragment of that glory he had in his youth.

Angel has the unfortunate circumstance of also being related to the famed burnout Cleary Twins, and he tries his best to put them on a better path, but a man can only do so much.

RP Hooks

A Known Face of the Law (ALL): As Sheriff Horne's been getting older (and slower), it's usually Angel breaking up bar fights, driving drunk teens home, and escorting people on probation to court-mandated therapy sessions.

Golden Boy of the Early 2000s (ALL): Back in his teens, Angel had a lot going for him: he was fast, he was smart, he was popular. After cracking a couple of minor crimes at Grey County High School, he "jokingly" styled himself as a "teen detective" until he graduated.

Commitment Issues (ALL): No one's stayed in Angel's life long, in the romantic or the platonic sense. His instinct seems to be to put on a mask he thinks the other person wants to see, which makes him an easy man to talk to... but superficial conversation doesn't make for deep bonds.

Luxidine Security (MORTAL): Truth be told, life as a deputy doesn't earn much money. Angel's taken up a part-time security role at the Luxidine facility.


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