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The first thing most people notice about Alexis is her eyes; they are alluring, guarded, curious, and intelligent. They reveal a young woman who has seen much and is looking for more. Impressions from there vary wildly based on where they meet her.

A few know her as the clever forensics analyst at the lab. Some lump her in with the trust fund babies from the Upper East Side she's often seen partying with. Still others know her as the Irish pagan girl obsessed with the Morrigan, the witch with an unsatiable curiosity for the occult. How do you want to know her?

Appearance: Alexis is an attractive young woman in her mid 20’s. She is a bit taller than average and slender. Her long straight hair is ash brown, and her skin is lightly tanned; it is often startling to people when she starts speaking and has an obvious Irish accent. She is always well dressed and loves designer shoes. She has several small tattoos of wildflowers and a larger tattoo of a crow made of Celtic knots on her right forearm.

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RP Hooks
Portents of Crows

Alexis is deep in the Occult and is well-versed in various forms of witchcraft. She is particularly keen on old Celtic gods, and if you're interested in The Morrigan, Alexis is interested in you.

What's Your Poison?
The nightlife in NYC beats the hell out of the nightlife in the small Irish town Alexis was born, and she enjoys the hell out of it. If you're looking for a good time and enjoy a few too many drinks, some not-so-legal substances, and warm bodies, just tell Alexis where the party is.

Not Just A Pretty Face
It's easy to write Alexis off as just another trust fund party girl simply skating by on her good looks and her daddy's money, but anybody that has spent time with her somewhere other than a party knows this to be inaccurate. She is well educated, and there's a quick mind taking in every detail behind those sultry eyes. Bring your mysteries to her, and get a fresh perspective.

Living that High Life
Alexis lives in the Upper East Side and loves mingling with the neighbors, especially the ones she may have gone to fancy private school with. Maybe you run in the same circles?

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Alexis Donovan

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AGE (Apparent): Mid-20s
OCCUPATION: CTO at Persephone Labs
PUBLIC EFFECTS: Striking Looks: Intruiging Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Status: High Society Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Status: Law & Government Dot-filled.png
Status (City) Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Status (Circle of the Crone) Dot-filled.png
Closed Book Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
LANGUAGES: Irish (Native)
English (Language)
French (Multilingual)
German (Multilingual)
MCI: House of the Third Ajar Portal

COVENANT: Circle of the Crone
CLAN: Mekhet

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  • Estrella Velázquez and Alexis knew each other from school and have recently reconnected.
  • Maddie Wesson and Alexis go to art galleries together, and Maddie gives her an ear to listen when Alexis needs one.

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Played By: KatiePlays