Alexis Donovan

From Dark City

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The Mask
Name:   Alexis Donovan
Pronouns:   She/Her
Apparent Age:   Mid-20s
Occupation:   CTO at Persephone Laboratories
Public Effects:   Striking Looks: Intruiging Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  Status: High Society Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  Status: Law & Government Dot-filled.png
  Closed Book Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Languages:   Irish (Native)
  English (Language)
  French (Multilingual)
  German (Multilingual)
The Danse Macabre
Titles and Positions:   Herald to Prince Natasha
  Scarlet Woman of the Circle of the Crone
Clan:   Mekhet
Bloodline:   Lynx
Covenant:   Circle of the Crone
Coterie:   None
Status:   City Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  Circle of the Crone Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Music:   Spotify Playlist

“She loves mysteries so much that she became one.”
— John Green, Paper Towns

Played by:  KatiePlays