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Born from a hardworking middle class family, Alexis had to spent the better part of her youth having to make a path for herself in a world were elites and greater powers rule over the rest.

Seeing the injustices of the world only managed to strenghten her resolve and she became a prolific activist, always seeking justice for the weak.

However fighting for equality means seeing the worst of mankind and even the most resolute and good hearted activist may be bended to a breaking point. In the later years, she has lost her hope in humankind and has delved deaper in the least licit ways and, even, into her personal ambition.

As a Carthian embraced Alexis is more a politician and a diplomat than brawler, using her charisma and silver tongue to get her ways.


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RP Hooks
General Hooks:
The pen is mightier than the sword: As a Ventrue and Carthian, Alexis will try to get Kindred on her side and use politics to get her goals. She's one to use all her connections and leverages to ger more connections and leverages and use that to get in and out of problems.
Mind of a shark: Making a name for yourself from the bottom in the world of business is not easy and it takes a special kind of being to be part of that. Alexis will be always ready to stablish connections, partnerships and even rivalries with everyone she meets, a bold saleswoman in every step.
Be realistic, demand the imposible: Despite having lost hope in her former kin, mankind, the embrace has given Alexis a new view of the world, of the dark and hidden strings that control it all, and with it a new regained purpose in changing it all. Altough not a troublemaker, she will try to change the world for the better, or what she believes what is the better, challenging the rules and doctrines from the inside.
Kindred hooks:
Everyone has its priceDespite being a rebellius and idealistic freedom fighter theres a reason it was the Ventrue that put their eye on Alexis of all people, she has garnered a taste for the high class and kindred society has no lack of it. Anything that might rise her status in the dance macabre of NYC will be a worthwile endeavor.
Covenant hooks:
The girl that kicked the hornest nest: Alexis isn't the Carthian most kindred have in mind, throwing molotovs and distributing pamplets, she's more of the industrial saboteur. You can count her for rivaling monopolies in the market, back the underdog in elections and help a community fight gentrification, if only for the will to fight the powerful
The unalienable right of freedom: Despite her political inclinations Alexis isn't one to shune kindred for their standing, not even the Invictus or the Lancea, as long as they can have a shared believe or goal. But she will be up to confront those who have opposite views.

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Alexis Carrera
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Pronouns: She/Her


Apparent Age: 30's

Height: 178

Build: Athletic

Profession: Entrepeneur/Activist

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: The Carthian Movement

Public effects:

  • Carthian Status: Covenant status 2
  • Business: 1
  • City Status: 1

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Played By: Lexender