Alexander White

From Dark City

The Bound

Stats: Dark brown hair, five foot ten inches tall, and blue eyes.

Description: Alex has a slim build, having never been very fond of sports growing up, though he does participate in long distance running from time to time. A pale complexion would lead one to believe he spends a good amount of his time indoors or perhaps works nights, both of which wouldn't be wrong. His most distinctive features are his pronounced jawline and piercing blue eyes that often times unsettle people who don't know him well. He enjoys wearing designer clothes, and you often will find him in tailored suits or business casual clothes as he hates to be considered under-dressed.

Personality: Many would consider Alexander White to have the perfect personality for a physician. A polite and confident demeanor alongside a cold and analytical mind. He knows he's smart and so he rarely takes advice from others unless he was thinking along the same lines, sometimes rubbing people the wrong way and making enemies when he disagrees with superiors and colleagues. His friends he does keep tend to be friends for life, though he's not the most social when dealing with the living. Alex would rather curl up with a good book than go out on the town, though small gatherings with friends are tolerable.

Liminal Aura: Interacting with Alex those around him may sometimes smell the sea, the briny sulphur smell of deep dark waters. Even more rarely they might find shadows moving just beyond the edge of their periphery, to find when they look in that direction there is nothing to find.

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RP Hooks
  • Law: Dr. Alexander White is the Senior Medical Examiner for the forensic pathology center located at King's County Hospital in Brooklyn. Performing autopsies, providing consulting services for different agencies, and acting as an expert witness for various criminal cases put him in close contact with law enforcement.
  • Medicine: Graduating from Columbia University and earning his MD specializing in forensic and anatomical pathology, he has published several papers on various subjects. Often sought out for his expertise, anyone in the city who practices in the medical fields might have heard of him. Alex is also a member of the Society of Cardiovascular Pathology and the National Association of Medical Examiners.
  • The Dead: Despite how he gets on with the living, he finds he has more sympathy for the dead. When they come to seek him out he often times goes out of his way to help them, and so has garnered a reputation amongst New York's ghosts as someone who treats them well. Though that doesn't mean his services are always free...

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Alexander White

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AGE: 24

CONCEPT: Modern Day Necromancer


BURDEN: The Abiding

ARCHETYPE: The Undertakers



AURA RANGE: 30 yards


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Played By: Aware