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The Mask
Pronouns:  He/Him
Real Age:  70
Apparent Age:  Mid-20s
Height:  6'6"
Weight:  210 lbs
Build:  Athletic, Muscular, Tall
Profession:  Neighborhood Handyman
 Trauma and Grief Counselor
 Volunteer Firefighter
 HEMA Master of Arms
 New York Search and Rescue
Public Effects:  Giant
 Strength Performance 4
 Mantle 5 (Summer)
 Chosen of Summer
 Winter Court Goodwill 1
The Mien
Seeming:  Elemental
Kith:  Telluric
Court:  Summer
Position:  Knight of the Perpetual Fight
Motley:  None Yet
Needle:  Protector
Thread:  Hope
Cult:  -

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“If the world is truly what we make of it, then let us make good”
— Beta Ray Bill

"Let me strive every moment to make myself better, that all may profit by it. Let me take what comes without loss of courage. Let me be considerate of my country, my fellow citizens and associates in everything I do. Let me do right to all, and wrong no man."
— Doc Savage, Man of Bronze


Mask: At 6 feet and six inches, and a broad, muscular frame hidden under comfortable, easy going clothing, certainly the most notable thing about Aksel at first is his immense size. An obvious shopper at big and tall stores, he generally favors trousers, button down shirts, sweaters or jackets that help to cover his size a bit, or at least don't break if he flexes. The other immediately noticeable thing about him is the broad, friendly and earnest smile on his face, the way he does his best not to loom as he speaks to you, and the easygoing tone of his voice. Often smelling of sawdust, wood chips, plants and deodorant due to his general day job as a handyman for people in his neighborhood, he generally makes up for his large size and imposing physique with a friendly, personable demeanor and easy attitude. Often even simply when walking around Aksel wears a look of awe and wonder on his face, taking in the world with an exuberance and excitement that are visible to even the untrained eye.

Mein: While generally identical to his Mask in most respects, as a Telluric elemental his black hair is the darkness of space itself, woven through with faint patterns of stars that coalesce at the tips of his hair to glow faintly. Under bronzed skin his veins glow with the light of the stars, and patterns and lines have been etched into the skin of his face and neck, their hue changing color as his emotions do. He seems almost larger with the mask off, a testament to his superhuman physique and size. His eyes glow with a bright gold and purple, vibrant colors that remain visible even in a dark room.


The warm scent of a Summer wind swirls around Aksel, the feeling of endless, sunny days and the immortality of youthful days, now a far brighter blaze than before. Visually it exists as a simple band of light encircling the giant elemental's shoulders and upper arms, the color of summer lightning, as his steps leave briefly smoldering footprints to the knowing eye. In battle his mantle flares into three, wing like blades that project from either shoulder and push him to greater heights of combat, the third wrapping around him like an armor of scorched air on a desert road. With the title of Chosen of Summer granted to him, his mantle now blazes brightly, it's wings now a set of five, protecting him and empowering him to push on past even greater limits.


Roleplaying Hooks

Friendly Neighborhood Whatever You Need

Need a hand around the house? Wood chopped up for winter? Pipes need fixing? Aksel's your guy. A quiet word in an ear will let you know that his rates are reasonable, and often times he may not charge anything at all. Oftentimes all it might cost someone is a story and a cup of coffee. Of hard times or good, of what's going on in the neighborhood. And always with a kind word and a smile to anyone. Word is he's just a college student looking to keep ahead of books and tuition fees.

Summer Soldier Seeking Solace

Exuberant, enthusiastic and always ready to support someone's goals and dreams. As a Summer fighter he wants to give his all to his fellow Freeholders both on and off the battle field. In addition to the fighting prowess and years of experience of being a 'hero' in durance, he carries with him an understanding of the weight and burden being inhuman in a human world can present. He is therefore also available to the Freehold, and the larger Supernatural community as a counselor, therapist, and empathetic ear.

Hope For All

He's a volunteer firefighter. Paramedic. Rescue worker. He plays music and likes to make people laugh and cheer and sing. He wants to forge ahead in a world where people aren't afraid of the dark and have reason to appreciate the greatest mysteries of the cosmos. Wanting to play at being a super hero in someone else's world no more, Aksel believes with everything he has and everything he can bring to bear that there will always be a new dawn on the horizon, and new light on even the harshest battlefield. Because the burden of years of falsehood and pretend, saving lives that never existed for the satisfaction of monsters, have carved a bedrock of diamond into a giant's heart. That he will always offer even one last shred of hope. Because he must.


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