Akasha Ravi

From Dark City

Akasha Ravi
OccupationOwner of The Tempest Lounge
BurdenThe Hungry
StatusActive NPC


Geist.png To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else. - Emily Dickinson


As owner of The Tempest Lounge, Akasha Ravi is the quiet woman who subtly pulls strings in the corner. She's the long con. The puppet master. The woman who sees the bigger picture and makes small subtle plays.

The Man in Black Just as devious as she seems to be, Akasha and her Geist are on the same page about slow, subtle pushes towards their goals.

RP Hooks

  • The Tempest Lounge - The underground Manhattan bar is Supernaturals only. That is technically Sin-Eaters and their guests only. Mortals who have proven to be part of the community are welcome on their own name, but others need a chaperone.
  • The Underworld - Rumor has it below the Lounge is another Avernian Gate that Akasha looks after all her own. Perhaps her Geist was once the guardian? The question is, if that's true, what's keeping it there?
  • It's just business - Do you have a business within the community? Better yet, does it assist you in living with the time you have left? Akasha would likely be a great supporter and a connection to have.



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