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Appearance: Aisling has a stylish blonde medium length cut, sky blue eyes, and a trim figure, if a wee bit lanky. She dresses simply, yet the fabrics are the finest quality and perfectly tailored for her form. Believing the old saying of 'dress to impress.' She rarely wears jewelry or other trinkets, but if she does the fit is outrageous.

Personality: Aisling is friendly, to a point. Where and when someone reaches that point is obvious. Despite her mostly amiable demeanor and cute Irish accent, there is steel in those blue eyes and in her demeanor that warn of what happens when you piss a Gangrel off.

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RP Hooks
  • Courier Services: A service that Aisling provides the Kindred of New York is safely delivering whatever you need to reach Kindred or mortal hands with discretion, expedience, and safety. (Kindred Hook)
  • Getting to Know You: As a transplant from Boston, Aisling is keen on getting to know her fellow Kindred and getting the lay of the political landscape. Making connections with her fellow Kindred and alliances is something Aisling is always game for! Let's get together and see what trouble we can brew! (Kindred Hook)
  • Criminal Enforcer: Aisling has quickly built a reputation in New York of being a formidable enforcer for the Westies criminal enterprises. Rumor has it if she's knocking on your door, the Westies are not happy with you. She handles the degenerate gamblers who need to be made a lesson of, and its rumored she also does hits if required, and the money is good enough. If you are affiliated she would be happy to meet with you. (Criminal Hook)
  • Arts, Media, and Society Sphere Folks: Aisling loves fashion, but is often seen in custom clothing that mimics the latest fashion trends. She loves going to events to show off her wealth and taste every once in awhile, perhaps you've seen her around?! She's also interested in contacts and allies in the Arts, Media, and Society sphere's, perhaps she can be your +1 to an event? (General Hook)

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Aisling Walsh

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AGE (Apparent): Mid Twenties
PUBLIC EFFECTS: Mortal: Status 2(Criminal: Westies Enforcer)
New Identity (Aisling Walsh)
Vampire:Circle of the Crone Status 1
City Status 1
Striking Looks 2: Beautiful

COVENANT: Circle of the Crone
CLAN: Gangrel

Musical Inspiration:

You Should have Called Me
No L's

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Played By: User:Megsrain