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Aimi, also known as TJ to those engaged in NYC's criminal underworld, is a vibrant woman in her mid 20s with a well-practiced smile and the sort of dignified bearing that a diplomat might pay good money to learn. She's not terribly intimidating at 5'3, but she has a runner's build and the sort of vigilance that comes from having had to deal with real danger. Her left middle and pointer fingers are slightly crooked, as if they'd been broken and imperfectly healed, and the air around Aimi carries a distinct charge to it.

To the less savory elements of the city, TJ is an independent smuggler known for reliability and near-impossible skill in getting small but valuable shipments through security checkpoints without any difficulty.

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RP Hooks
- Any Place, Any Time (Criminals):
While she usually sticks to more lucrative deals, such as the import/export of illegal goods, TJ has been known to offer her services for smaller jobs as well. Need some evidence planted, a weapon hidden in a building with too much security to walk in with one, or a body disposed of? She can handle it, and all without asking inconvenient questions.

- In Pursuit of Happiness (Criminals/Civil Society):
While her public persona is hardly the sort've person to be seen engaging in less than legal activities, those that know of her reputation beyond New York might be aware that Aimi has a history of crashing and burning. The smuggler never seems short on cash despite her tendency to gamble, brawl, and otherwise engage in a variety of potentially ruinous vices.

- I Know Enough to Not Ask Questions (Mystery Cults, occultists):
Among TJ's less common clients are cults. She's been known to dabble in the weird, putting in the occasional appearance at occult bookstores, but she's careful to avoid seeing anything she shouldn't. If you're in a cult, maybe you've dealt with her before. If not, maybe there's a shared interest in the unseen forces of the world.

- How do I Sleep at Night? Comfortably (Civil Society):
Though she's far from having a heart of gold, Aimi shows up at charity drives and tends to contribute a respectable sum.

- Aromantic: For someone with a tendency to charm and use people there's a distinct lack of exes in Matsuda's past, and every date you might've heard of seems to be a first date. The word might be new, but there've always been people that don't engage with romance.

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- I don't know you, but I should (Anyone): Most people're willing to smudge the rules a bit where people they know are involved, and Aimi has no qualms about exploiting this. Maybe you work in a building she's casing, maybe you have some political sway, or maybe you're just convenient. Regardless of why, Aimi wants you on her side.

- Bottled Lightning (Occultists): Someone's been poking around the NYC occult scene to look for people with real power, and they haven't been entirely subtle. Perhaps you know a con-artist that got shaken up after meeting an almost painfully plain woman who smelled of ozone and have decided to find out more, or you happen to've drawn Aimi's eye by advertising in some fashion.

- Ex Nihilo (High Society): Aimi Matsuda does not exist, but the person claiming to be her prefers it when no-one points that out. Despite apparently being nouveau rich, nobody seems to know her in most've the relevant industries. On paper, she's an investor of some sort that got lucky, but if you want to try to figure out who this stranger that keeps showing up to charity events is you might be best off talking to her directly.

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Aimi Matsuda

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Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: Shipping Consultant/Smuggler
Concept: Smug Smuggler
Public Effects: Alternate Identity (Aimi Matsuda) Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Anonymity Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Status: Criminal (Genovese) Dot-filled.png
Status: Criminal (Yakuza) Dot-filled.png
Closed Book Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Languages: Japanese (Native)
Québec French (Language)
English (Language)
Standard Northern Mandarin (Multilingual)
Italian (Multilingual)

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Played By: Crepebatarrd