Agnes Bellows

From Dark City

Agnes Bellows
BirthdateNovember 25, 1978
ConceptTown Scold
Player NameYoGrendel
StatusActive NPC


Agnes Bellows has been retired for as long as anyone can remember, and no one can say they just what from. But she's got a house in town and with all that free time she likes to use her perch to watch what everyone else is doing. If might be okay if she was just watching, but Agnes has opinions and she can't hold them in. The morality of the town is crumbling, she says. Drug dealers peddle their wares out of that nasty Circle K. The library allows just anything in, and the children need to be protected. Conspiracy theorists and 'monster hunters' and all those other loons are circling the town, and she's quite sick of it. And the people who might be able to make a difference, the doctors and the psychiatrists and the police - well it seems like they've all drank the modern Kool-Aid and she's going to remind them what good country living should be.


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