About Your Character Sheet

From Dark City

Saving Your Character Sheet
When you click on one of the character sheet links you are directed to a view only copy of the sheet template and will need to save a copy. This is done by selecting file and then make a copy which will open a small window that will let you name your new file, or default to "Copy of 'Sheet Name'"


Drop Downs
Both the Werewolf and the Sin Eater sheets use drop downs menus. Selecting from these drop downs will automatically highlight aspects of the sheet that are changed by picking different tribes or Burdens.

What are all those numbers?
You'll see peppered throughout the sheet there are stray numbers. These are calculating things for your sheet. Like how many dots you have in something, how those dots were bought (build points vs xp) and more. Normally I'd be slick and hide them, but I wanted to leave them out so people could see some of the mechanics behind the sheets different functions.

Different Functions!
Your sheet has some cool stuff built in, like automatically filling out your health, and willpower boxes for you. Are these fool proof? No. There are a lot of merits and various things in the game that can modify them, and it's possible you'll find one you want and the formula won't catch it. Not a big deal it just requires manually adjusting the boxes instead of them being automated.

XP Log
While your sheet does a lot of calculations that help everyone stay on track, we do still require an itemized list in the XP Spend section. Your documentation in that tab are ultimately what deduct your xp spends from your total xp.


Do you have questions?
Feel free to reach out to Muse on Discord, I love talking Excel.