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Appearance: Abigail Belmont is a slight wisp of women, apparently frail pale skin, with lustrous dark hair and wide innocent-seeming green eyes, makes it all the more shocking when she casually manhandles someone. Abigail isn't the kind of person you imagine when you hear the words 'career criminal' but she's happy to use that. She dresses to the situation, happy to wear clothes that seem modest and demure when needed or flashing skin when called for, or useful, she does have a weakness for red leather and armor that she only rarely indulges, the flashiness a bit much for the Mekhet's sensibilities even if she secretly enjoys it.

Personality: While stereotypically quiet as Mekhet often are, this seemingly demure attitude she learned at the feet of her Sire is a mask. a thread of confrontational challenge runs through Abigail. Her temper is like a still lake on a night with no moon, seemingly placid until the teeth explode from the dark surface when pushed. When not finding reasons to pick a fight, or fade into the background, she can easily be lured into conversation on almost any subject, especially academics to more than one person's surprise.

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RP Hooks
  • Where are we gonna get a crystal skull and ten pounds of ground silver at this hour?!: Abigail probably knows a guy, with old 'friends in the archeology business, and more in various ports and warehouses, Miss Belmont is pretty good at procuring weird occult paraphernalia as needed, weather you need the materials to bind a ghost or a quirky Diary of a 15th-century Madman to spruce up your Coffee table, Abigail's got you... for a price.
  • Offical Ordo ghost puncher: Got a spook in your dragon's nest that isn't supposed to be there? or some gribbly you couldn't see took off your boy's face, and ran off with it down a storm drain? Maybe your chum got too close to a big black bird with golden eyes... Abigail has a fascination with weird cryptids and spooks and her bloodline makes her capable of chopping them up when called for when other Kindred can only stand by.
  • Something To Prove: - Abigail's new on the block, trailing after her Sire from San Fransisco to New York like a kitten after her mum. Her business isn't what it was on the West coast, the fences are different, and shipping from her old contacts takes an eternity, She's eager to make new friends among kindred and kine.

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Abigail Belmont

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AGE (Apparent): 25
PROFESSION: Import/export 'Buisness' (Black market Occult antiquities fence)
Tained Observer
Striking Looks (Innocent Mein)
Vampire: Ordo Dracul 2
Sworn (The Axe)
City Status 1

COVENANT: Ordo Dracul (Dedicated Initiate of Terror)
CLAN: Mekhet
Bloodline: Khaibit

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Played By: Hiddendream