A Simple Seed

From Dark City

  • ST'd by JJ

Note: This plot is intended for the Changeling sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Changeling and Fae-Touched characters. Part of The Oracle's Augury plot.


  • Aya Keng receives a mysterious package with a single simple seed inside, ready to be planted.
  • Avery Vogel takes a trip into the local Hedge on a search for similar seeds. Upon talking to a hobgoblin, they find it is known as an Omen Seed
  • Aya Keng and Canary Quill present these findings to the Monarchs, suggesting a mission to find a place among the Freehold’s enemies to plant the seed.
  • Aya Keng and Canary Quill locate the current territory of the Diviners.
  • Aya Keng and Canary Quill inform the monarchs of their findings.
  • Aya Keng and Canary Quill deposit their own omen seed among the Diviners territory for intel.

Plot Details So Far

  • The seed is known as an Omen Seed
    • It blossoms "eyes and spies, storing secrets like rain" if not destroyed it will find ways to root on its own.
    • Nearly impossible to destroy or contain, the best bet is to plant it far away so it may spy on our enemies instead.
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