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"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players"

Tall, British and magnetic, there is an air of old hollywood about him, AG Silverwood, Ashley to his friends, AG to everyone else, is an old money sort with all of the charm, glitz and glam of someone who works in show business. A producer by trade, he has recently arrived in New York to begin producing plays on Broadway and developing up and coming talent in the Theatre side of the business. A generally friendly sort, there are rumors linking him to a line of pulp novels that have been being sold for the last couple of years.

Standing just under 6 feet tall he's got strong cheekbones and jawline with shorter dark brown hair that is kept immaculately cared for. More often than not, he's found in suits, though it isn't uncommon to find him in street clothes. Athletic and wiry, it is clear that he keeps in shape. It's not just physically that he keeps in check, but vocally as well, occasionally being found in karaoke bars, singing into the night.

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RP Hooks
- Theatre or Theater there is a difference (Everyone): Whether it is Theater (film) or Theatre (stage), A.G. Silverwood has a healthy love of it and is more than eager to talk about its past, it’s present and its future.

- Knight of the Thorned Wreath(Vampire, Invictus): Recently raised to Knighthood within the Order of the Thorned Wreath, AG has achieved a longstanding dream and now serves to defend the Invictus against their enemies and threats that they might face.
- Karaoke! (everyone): A fan of modern night life in general, one can sometimes find A.G. Silverwood at Manhattan Karaoke bars, singing it up!
- Talent Scout (Arts and Society): Running his own Production Company, AG Silverwood is always looking for new talent to bring to the forefront.

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  • "The good Lord Silverwood has a jovial sort of character that I find very refreshing. You have to enjoy the company of a man who can poke fun at himself while still providing good conversation. It also helps to be capable of extreme violence and have a handsome face. All good qualities, I assure you. He even acted as my knight in shining armor." - Leviticus Grove
  • You experience a familial feeling for your Covenant? Don't let them use that affection against you. - Moira Reverie

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A.G. Silverwood
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Pronouns: He/Him

Age (Apparent): 28
Height: 5'11"
Profession: Producer
Public Effects:
Striking Looks 2: Magnetic
City Status: 3
Invictus Status: 3
Arts and Society Status: 2

Covenant: Invictus
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Spina
Liege: Natasha Arroyo
Coterie: None
Knightly Order: Knights of the Thorned Wreath
Formal Address: Baron Knight AG Silverwood Councilor, Archon


  • Invictus Councilor
  • Daeva Priscus
  • Scourge
  • Invictus Knight

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Played By: User:Kelindel