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1 Park Lane

  • Located in Upper Manhattan, 1 Park Lane is the fourth largest skyscraper in the city; the crown jewel of the newly renovated Park Lane that was restored and updated after the last earthquake. A central tower alternates between commercial, professional, and residential units; some professional and commerical businesses sharing the same floor towards great efficiency and residential units mixed in among amenities such as a library, pools, a spa, and restaurants, and so on. The outside is open air gardens, designed to make the building a 'vertical urban forest', though many of the residents and businesses use the space for their own gardens. The flora has done well there, which designers partially attribute to the symbiotic relationship with harmless mites that remove the need for pesticides and a carefully formulated and maintained soil.
  • With the rest of Park Lane, 1 Park Lane has all the latest technological amenities one can imagine; from smart controls, to bleeding edge internet speeds, potent but invisible security, modular electrical grids, electro chromatic and smart glass integration, and so on. 1 Park Lane caters to the high end: professionals or gig workers looking for state of the art offices; the wealthy elite who want a modern home; or successful professionals that benefit from a closely connected network.
  • 1 Park Lane opened at full capacity, and it has a tremendous wait list since its opening. Those who are in the know will eventually come across a phone number connected to Quinn Martin.
  • For those in the know, 1 Park Lane has a strong resonance of symbiosis, with smaller resonances of creation and collaboration. This is also known as the "Plover Nest" among Ordo Dracul aware of the Wyrm's Nest.

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Borough Manhattan
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