Welcome to Dark City

Eight-and-a-half million people in New York, and most of them will live their whole lives without seeing the true faces of terror that lurk in the long shadows of alleys in between buildings, in the dark corners of seedy bars, in the abandoned ruins of public works projects, or in the apartment right next door. They don't know what's out there, not-sleeping in the City that Never Sleeps -- but you do.

Dark City's alpha play season has launched. Explore the World of Darkness as a Mortal, a Forsaken, or a Sin-Eater in present day New York.

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There's a strange world of things that go bump in the night out there - will you bump back?

You died. You made a bargain, so you're back, sharing brainspace with a small god of death. Now what?

You didn't choose to be half spirit, half war-monster. Good luck keeping your temper in the City.
Civil Society

There's more than one way to rule the world, and not all demons have powers. How far can you rise?

Enter the City

Dark City is an immersive, text-based roleplaying game based in modern-day New York City, set to the World of Darkness as created by White Wolf and published by Onyx Path Publishing and according to the second edition Chronicles of Darkness rules and systems.

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