Yasmine Ferreira

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Yasmine Ferreira
LodgeLodge of Garm
TribeBlood Talons
PackDeath Rattle
StatusRetired PC


Yasmine is a tall, lean woman in her mid 20's and carries herself like she's the baddest thing in the room. Some may recognize her from the UFC, where she was a quickly rising star who suddenly retired early. Some may recognize her as an enforcer for one of the local gangs. Still, once you make it past the aloof exterior and dry sense of humor, there's a great listener and loyal friend on the other side. And if you have a problem that needs to be solved with violence, she's your gal.

RP Hooks

Going Down Fighting When the world is ending, Yasmine will be there fighting it until the last. Until then, if you need a sparring partner or need help inflicting violence on someone that deserves it, she's up for that, too.

Seedy Underground Yasmine has a little bit of clout in the criminal world, so if you're looking for something not really on the up-and-up, she can probably help. Rumor has it that the gang life isn't one she wants to live though, and if you have an out for her you'll have a friend for life.

Needs New Friends Yasmine was out of town for a while and though she's been back a bit over a year, she hasn't gotten around to getting involved with the local People. She's looking to change that and is eager to interact with other Uratha and Wolf-Blooded, particularly those that will get involved with things that make a good story.


"One of the most loyal and dedicated People you will ever find, I just wish it wasn't at her own expense." - Maddie Wesson "I never quite know where I sit with Yas, but I know I can always count on her in a scrap. I like her a lot, and I owe her a lot. No, I don't care if that doesn't make sense." - Lex "'Loyal' doesn't even begin to capture it. You'll never find a more steadfast friend than Yasmine. And she hits like a sledgehammer, too." - Sam Garguilo



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