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Willow WhitebrookHooks

Personality: Willow is very caring about people, very much focused on equal parts vengeance and helping people. She feels she owes the dead to honor them, to help them now as they helped her return to life to return to her lover. She still focuses on finding her lover, no matter the cost to herself. But she can at least help others along the way.

Appearance: She has dark brown hair, almost black. Her eyes are blue and she tends to wear black. Not just because she prefers a gothic style, but to honour the dead that she took care of, even before she died.

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RP Hooks
RP Hook 1: As she is a doctor of sorts, or at least practiced in the art if you can call it that, you can find her helping in places where ill people are.

RP Hook 2: Her favourite places to hang out outside of work is in coffee shops, usually drinking coffee and working on her poetry

RP Hook 3: She loves talking about her poetry and her ideas for the future of the people, both living and dead.

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Willow Whitebrook

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Age: 20

Hair: Black/Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'3"

Birthday: January 31st, 2001

Burden: The Bereaved

Archetype: Fury

Liminal Aura/Aura Rating: 30 (Anchor)


King of the Underground

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Played By: User:Hangetsu-hime