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"A muzzle on a werewolf will never tame its bite / Whose jaws retract / With fangs intact / Enraged, to prowl the night." - Kurt Philip Behm

Werewolf heavily engages the following themes:

  • Moral Ambiguity
  • Dominance and Violence
  • Obligation and Desire
  • Isolation and Integration
  • Predator and Prey
  • One Foot in Each World

Werewolf is a sphere of dualities, which will feature prominently in the stories we tell here. The birthright of the People is to be renowned for their deeds in the Great Hunt, and to balance the tension of their ephemeral duties against their material lives, dreams, desires, and wants. It won't be clean. It won't be easy. But it can be glorious.


  • Wolfen (Movie, 1981)
  • An American Werewolf in London (Movie, 1981)
  • Ginger Snaps (Movie, 2000, Watch on YouTube for free)
  • Dog Soldiers (Movie, 2002, Watch on YouTube for free)
  • The Wolfman (Movie, 2010)
  • Wer (Movie, 2013)
  • Love, Death & Robots episode 10: Shape-Shifters (TV, 2019)
  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow (Movie, 2020)