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The Iron Masters

 Evolve or perish. The Farsil Luhal move easily in urban New York, adaptable and quick to innovate, and are intimately familiar with and reverent towards their territory. Their Hunts are often long-term, well-planned, and turn the artifices and infrastructure of mundane society against their prey.

Among the region, Iron Masters are the ultimate wolves in sheep's clothing, seamlessly blending into the trappings of the mortal coil.

Suggested Concepts: Cahalith Teacher, Elodoth Diplomat, Irraka Con Man, Ithauer Life Coach, Rahu Personal Trainer

The Iron Masters Territory

Track 61

  • The infamous Track 61 is supposedly still in use as a secret escape train for presidents visiting the city. Built along with the rest of Grand Central Terminal, Track 61 was never properly abandoned, as it was actually constructed to be a powerhouse and storage area for unused New York Central Railroad cars, not a passenger station. As such, it's not much to look at, but Track 61 continues to be the go-to clandestine conduit for presidents, world leaders, military generals, and even some celebrities, if rumors are to be believed.
  • Boon: +1 to Streetwise rolls.
Iron Masters Members
These are the current members of the Iron Master Tribe.
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